The art of competing is the essence of succeeding as an athlete. It's the backbone of Mindset College 

Knowing how to compete is the backbone for every athlete. 

The second part of the Art of Competing is understanding how it feels in the face of fierce competition and how to deal with how the body and mind react when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. 

After this course, you will be 100% clear on how to compete with a tough and healthy mind in a competition environment. You will be amazed at how enjoyable this can be!

To get the best from the Art of Competing it's best to do Part 1 first. 




What you will learn:

  • What the 3 problem machines are and discover the tools to deal with them
  • We will look at the Drowning analogy tool to discover your killer instinct
  • You will uncover the beauty of sweet suffering

The Art of Competing part 2

£89 / $119

The Price includes:

  • 3 hours of video, activities and reading time
  • Tasks, downloadable resources and 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access on a variety of devices
  • Free access to 10 webinars per year.
  • Access to previous webinars archive.

The Course is for:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Parents of Athletes

About the Art of competing Part 2


Mindset College builds from the understanding of the three problem machines under pressure then to know what it feels like when fighting for your competitive life. The analogy I use is drowning because there are times when you are fighting when it literally feels like you have to find a way to stop yourself from drowning. Physically, athletes need to know how to suffer and keep going even as their bodies are screaming for them to quit. This is called sweet suffering because overcoming adversity whilst in the intense cauldron of the match is incredibly rewarding. 

When an athlete is under huge pressure, drowning mentally and suffering physically he or she has to find a way to still think logically and keep some perspective which imagines a light at the end of the tunnel which means no matter how difficult, there is the knowledge that this pain is temporary and the mind will hang in and still be figuring out ways to win. 

This ability to remain calm and think about processes without overthinking consequences and results, when tested mentally and physically and close to their limits, is the essence of a champion mindset......and it can be learned.


David Sammel


Course content and materials

The art of competing Part 2


Introduction: The Backbone Part 2

  • Video on what we will cover in the course 


Three Problem Machines

  • Video - What are the three problem machines and the tools to deal with them
  • Task: How to handle fears and doubts during the three problem machines
  • Bonus Webinar - The Three Problem machines


The Drowning Analogy

  • Video - What is the drowning Analogy
  • Workbook - How to implement the drowning analogy in your game
  • Quiz - Discovering if you have Killer Instinct.


Sweet Suffering

  • Video - What is Sweet Suffering?
  • Workbook and Toolkit on how to implement Sweet Suffering?


Logic Under Pressure

  • Video - What is Logic under Pressure
  • Workbook - to implement Logic under pressure


Conclusion: The Backbone Part 2

  • Video in summary of what you have learned
Learn the Art of Competing