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We arrived at Heathrow at 5am to go to Doha for Australian Open qualifying. 


Turned down -> no message on our booking from organisers. 


We call and told it will be ok just wait. 


Time ticks by. My nature I push - nothing and Qatar no longer answering phone. 


Flight missed. Finally at 9am we are sanctioned for 2pm flight. Arrive Doha 11.30 - busy and disorganised and we go through immigration control only to be told Covid test is other side. 


Waiting.....get escorted and test is done. Long drive and finally bed at 2.30am. 


One can of 3 new balls per day! C’mon for hard hitting pros they are chewed in 30mins. 


  • Cannot shower at courts. 
  • Cannot leave hotel accept to take transport to courts. 
  • Cannot use all the wonderful hotel facilities. 
  • Cannot eat anywhere other than the room arranged for players and coaches. 


We are so grateful. We have work. There is a tournament to play. 


Resilience grows and perspective changes if you want them to! 


People survived concentration camps and other horrors often by luck and more often by their choice of attitude. 


Mindset College -> a way to a healthy mind


Written by David Sammel

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