Why eating your words can be a very healthy diet!

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Have you ever laid in bed thinking about what you will do or say and in your mind it sounds and feels fantastic?

You wake up and remember this great conversation you had in your own head and full of confidence head out to deliver this incredible idea that is going to turn your colleagues heads in amazement.

I’ve certainly done this and set about explaining this clear picture in my head to others. Whilst I’m talking the realisation begins to dawn on me ........

“OMG this is sounding garbled and unworkable!!!!!”

Now I test out my fabulous ideas by either:
1. Writing them down
2. Record myself and play it back
3. Run it by someone I trust and:
🔑  Through them playing back to me what I’m saying or
🔑  by virtue of me talking it through it becomes obvious whether to ditch the idea or to work through it to the point where it actually makes good sense.

Equally, if I’m not sure someone is understanding me I will ask;
“Does this make sense to you?“ or
“Please PLAYBACK to me what you think I mean, so we can be certain that we are on the same page“

If someone is talking to you and not making sense, be brave and interject; “sorry to interrupt. Let me get this right. What I’m hearing you say is….”


“Can I just clarify if I’m understanding you correctly?.......”

When we play back it gives someone the space to understand and in a nice way, by hearing their own words often gives them clarity and causes them to automatically rethink their position.

No persuasion necessary!


Mindset College my online ‘Mental skills for competing in life’ programme has a segment all about the benefits of “Talking a problem".


Written by David Sammel

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