What is a Goal?

Set Goals from the Heart

#goals #mental tougness #mindset_tools #mindsetcollege Feb 08, 2021

Do you ever overwhelm yourself ?

- with toooooo many goals?

- goals that are tooooo big and actually demotivate you?

- goals that deep down you know will never be achieved in the timespan allocated?

Setting goals: The Mindset College Programme includes little gems such as “teaching yourself to trust yourself” and part of this process is to set “Goals from the Heart”. 

Essentially this means listening to your ‘gut instinct” an achievable goal which is a stretch rather than overwhelming. This is different from setting a goal that is expected or just sounds good. 

Sometimes consolidation is a better and more valid goal. 

Another helpful way of setting goals is to write a letter to yourself dated December 20, 2021 where you state exactly what you have achieved in the year. Write it in the past tense like you have already achieved what you set out to do.  

This serves two functions - seeing yourself having already done what you said you would do and serves as a continual motivation during the year - if you read it daily or at the very least weekly.

Written by David Sammel

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