Let it be ...... and let go!

#friday_collection #let_it_go #mindset_tools #mindsetcollege Feb 08, 2021

Are you the type of person who struggles to let things be and let go?

What if you could change these feelings and let go more easily? 


Perhaps you enjoy holding grudges and having a memory like an elephant?

I’m not advocating forgetting every transgression or zero consequences for actions, but I do think it is too easy to hold onto every day occurrences that hurt and distract us from enjoying mostly good days. 


Two monks walking down a busy road come across an old lady struggling to cross. 

The older monk picks up the lady and carries her across the road. 

 They continue their walk and two hours later the young monk says “as my mentor I have to ask you a question. According to our beliefs we are not meant to touch women, yet you carried the lady across the road?

The older monk turns to him and says “that’s interesting because I put the woman down two hours ago and you are still carrying her.


Whenever I get uptight and despite the story above, cannot drop something, I use other techniques. 

* I imagine that if I was in another country I wouldn’t even know that this traffic jam/difficult person existed so I wouldn’t be annoyed right now 


remember that we get what we focus on, so in a frustrating situation I can choose to shift my focus to a possible opportunity to learn something like more (patience, empathy etc)


Perhaps the reason that this person is being difficult is because of challenges in their life?


the fact that as annoying as this maybe, I’m still lucky to be in the position I’m in and to have the knowledge that I can choose what I notice..........


Do these techniques always work? Certainly not but they do help me a lot.

  • Is the most perfect thing about the world the fact that nobody is perfect? 
  • Is expecting anyone to be perfect, including yourself just a recipe for failure and unhappiness?

Next week ✍️:

Can we avoid being offended?


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Written by David Sammel

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