The Struggle is Real (part 2)

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Last week we looked at the formula for handling the fact that when things are a struggle it mostly means you are stretching yourself and doing well. This week is a tasty topic that I used to believe “that someone would recognise my talent and decide to help in a big way and build a business for me” - I’m so glad I’ve realised that for anything positive to happen it is up to me and that responsibility is actually a gift. 

Nobody is coming to save you.

There's no "genie" coming to "take you to the next level" - There's no world-class coach who's coming to join your team and going to fix every problem! 

There's no investor who's going to drop a big investment into you because they believe in your vision until they feel that you know what you are doing and that you understand the process of building through the fun of hard work. 

In every way you are in the driver seat and everyone is looking to you. Great people join your team because you make them believe in you by your positive attitude and actions. You inspire them, and believe in them as much as they believe in your potential and mentor you with patience while you make mistake after mistake. They save you only in so far as they make you aware of your painful truths, but it is only you who can and must use this to evolve. 

The results won't come until the day you truly play to win without fear of loss. Only when you are world-class and highly profitable will many offer you the money you no longer need. At that point the money is almost personally irrelevant as you realise it as a tool to use for growth and good. 

Removing the hope that someone is coming to save you leaves you with the realisation and freedom that your life is in your hands. Grasp it and run with it because living your life is the greatest adventure you can have!

By David Sammel

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