The Communication Map

The world is your oyster.

There is nothing better than learning how to communicate well firstly with yourself and secondly understanding the styles of how others communicate with you and thirdly using this knowledge to get your message and feelings clear to yourself and others. Good communication opens your oyster. 

We are human and therefore communicate via body language and verbally. This module will give you a way to understand yourself and others and importantly communicate your competitive message effectively. This is also a major key to getting what you want. 

How much would it help to read your opponent's personalities and what they are thinking? 




What you will learn:

  • Give you a way to understand yourself and others.
  • Importantly, communicate your competitive message effectively.
  • A major key to getting what you want.

The Communication Map

£39 / $55

The Price includes:

  • 1 hour of video, activities and reading time and a Crossword
  • Tasks, downloadable resources and 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access on a variety of devices
  • Free access to 10 webinars per year.
  • Access to previous webinars archive.

The Course is for:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Parents of Athletes

Course content and materials

The Communication Map


Introduction: The World is your Oyster

  • Video on what we will cover in the course 


Communication Styles 

  • Video - What are the communication Styles


The Triangles - Drama & Harmony

  • Video - Dealing with each triangle individually
  • Workbook and Task: What communication style do you have?
  • Crossword - Exercise on understanding the tools for communication
  • Communication Quiz


Conclusion: The Communication Map

  • Video in summary of what you have learned
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