The Mantle of inspiration - The human brain is far more motivated if it is inspired

This course builds a foundation for success based on your personal desires and purpose and helps you see how you will achieve your goals.

You learn how to build a career using principles like Lego bricks - step by step with a calm understanding of the process




What you will learn:

  • How to eliminate panic when you have a clear vision and purpose.
  • Paint your dream
  • Set yourself up for your success.  
  • Define the importance of measuring your own success 
  • Study the guidelines for your vision and purpose
  • Discover the looking back Method.

Vision and Purpose

£49 / $69

The Price includes:

  • 1 hour of video, worksheets, cheat sheets and reading material time
  • Tasks, downloadable resources and 
  • Case Studies of three current pro athletes
  • Free access to 10 webinars per year, providing more tools and technics to improve your mindset
  • Weekly quick tips to improve your mindset
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access on a variety of devices, including the Kajabi mobile APP

The Course is for:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Parents of Athletes

Course content and materials

Vision and Purpose


Introduction: The Mantle of Inspiration

  • Video on what we will cover in the course 


Paint the Dream

  • Video - How to Paint the Dream?
  • Self-Reflection Activity - Painting your own dream


Guiding Principles

  • Video - Which Principles should guide you?
  • Workbook - Guiding your own Principles


7 Levels Deep

  • Video - How to dig deep into the 7 Levels?
  • Self-Reflection Activity - Exercise on understanding your own 7 levels.


The Looking Back Method

  • Video - What is the Looking back method?
  • Self-Reflection Activity - Exercise on establishing your own looking back method


Conclusion: The Mantle of Inspiration

  • Video in summary of what you have learned
Eliminate Panic