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"David advised and coached me to the world’s top 20 in doubles. 'Water level' is pure genius". 

-Chris Haggard

Welcome to the game-changing approach of Mindset College…

  • Wish you could hit your fastest serve of the match when you’re break point down?

  • Need to be able to beat your nerves in a crucial tie breaker?

  • Want an all-sport approach that will help you win in any discipline?

David Sammel can help you master the mental game…

ATP Tour Coach David Sammel will be the first to tell you that the game of tennis is 20% physical and 80% mental. How does Nadal always battle harder when he’s behind? What stops Djokovic getting nervous and switching off when he races into an early lead? They’ve already mastered the mental side of the game, and now you can too! 

You can even take these lessons and apply them to dozens of other sports and conquer the field there too! 

Master the mind and everything else follows

Thanks to more than 20 hours of focused video content, you’ll be able to turn your mind into your biggest on-court weapon. Perfect when you want to ensure nothing is left to chance as you push harder than ever before to improve your game.


A rock solid mindset means a rock solid performance  

Success in Tennis is all about finding ways to handle and overcome nerves, and the same goes for whatever level you’re competing at right now too. Just imagine being able to train your mind so that when it’s time, you can always: 

  • Perform at 100% without feeling the weight of the moment 
  • Minimise Errors by believing in yourself when it matters most  
  • Consolidate Gains by making sure you don’t switch off


LEARN techniques that will improve your game


Here’s just a few of the unique resources you’ll have instant access to when you join Mindset College:


 Add Mental Skills Training to your toolkit, which will improve your game immediately


Private Facebook Group with access to coaches and pro athletes


Downloadable Worksheets that allow you to focus on what you’ve learned


 Unlimited access to over 20 hours of powerful and proven video content from David Sammel


 6 LIVE webinars per year with David Sammel and guests + archive episodes


 A copy of the bestselling book, 'Locker Room Power' by David Sammel


 Mobile app to take Mindset College with you, anywhere


Introducing Mindset College


Master the Little Things and learn to trust yourself on the court



Develop a Vision so you can see how to overcome setbacks 



Master Competing by training your mind to overcome fear


Effective communication is less about talking and more about listening.


Use Change Management to transform the way you think and play 


Develop Awareness and only focus on what truly matters 



Utilise Positive Conflict and use it to identify areas for improvement


Build a Legacy you can be proud of from the moment you start

Implement the course in your training programme

Added Bonuses

Monthly 30 min Q & A Sessions with David

Once you have completed each module you get a 30 min group session with David Sammel discussing particular situations, problems and solutions.


Check out what the pros have to say


I appreciate the way the explain the mental side of tennis with such
confidence and expertise. This is an area I would learn more about - I¹m
already halfway through your book!

-Tom Ellis, Coach 


I appreciate your mentoring and advice and feel I have benefited and grown as a manager and leader (and will continue to do so). I admire the passion you show for elite tennis and your unrelenting drive for others to improve. I thank you for challenging us as a team. Thank you,

-Matt Smith LTA Coach, Development Team


I have improved my mind so much and enjoy my tennis so much more, because David’s system is so easy to follow. Awesome stuff.

-Lewis Apter, Florida USA

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The price is $479

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  • Mental Skills Coaching and Training to your toolkit, which will improve your game
  • Unlimited access to over 20 hours of powerful and proven video content from David Sammel
  • Access to our private Facebook group. Join our team, other students and pro athletes
  • Access to downloadable resources and worksheets to plan your approach with your clients
  • 6 LIVE webinars per year with David Sammel and guests + archive episodes
  • A copy of the bestselling book, 'Locker Room Power' by David Sammel

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