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Athletes, discover the secrets that declutter your mind.

Join a growing group of winners who learned the secrets to decluttering their minds! 

Mindset College tackles the very real problem of owning a top-class mental skills programme at an affordable price with answers to real mental issues you as athletes face daily. We give you cutting-edge, tried and tested tools from the coal-face of elite performance and access to the creator, David Sammel, a master of mental skills development.

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At last, the secret for Athletes to declutter their minds instantly

Mindset College tackles the very real problem of delivering a top-class mental skills programme at an affordable price with answers to real issues athletes and coaches face, using tried and tested tools from the coal-face of elite performance. 

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Understanding how to manage your mind 

How it works will give you an edge as an Athlete. Our amazing tools will astound  you and totally  reframe  your fears and doubts allowing you to compete freely. Mindset College has changed the trajectory of several Olympic and International athletes to achieve great success. 

Start the process that leads to success

Experience a fundamental segment of the Mindset College Collection for FREE  


Experience first hand what so many world-class athletes have gone through to become elite in their sport. We all know how important Mental Toughness is and right now you can get our tried and tested formula for FREE from the creator, David Sammel, a master of mental skills development.


Try a segment of the Mindset College Collection for FREE

Discover the secrets to competing.

This is a two-part course that tackles mental toughness to give you a core understanding of exactly how to be tough and how to overcome fears. 

Three of the many topics covered include: Fear of the Past in the Present, The Drowning Analogy and Logic under pressure.

Unlock your highest potential.

When athletes understand and accept what they have signed up to and trust the process that promises success then belief and confidence grows! 

Topics covered include: Setting Goals from the Heart, The Mental Toughness Model and Comparison

Dealing with confrontation and change

Change and healthy confrontation often open the path of great opportunity and a clear understanding of how to take the next step. 

Topics covered include:: Thrive in Hostile environments, Change Cycles and Confrontation 

Don't take our word for it

The Professionals know the value of the Mindset College Programme



Helping athletes transform their fears and doubts into a winning mindset

David Sammel has 30 years of experience transforming fears and doubts into a Winning Mindset. He has developed a streamlined and proven programme that helps all Athletes find their performance, win more and become incredibly resilient.



The beauty of the course is that it opens opportunities for constructive and interesting conversations together with their support team, athletes are inspired to become mentally strong and robust.

FREE Mental Toughness: A Segment of the bigger picture

This course is a small segment of the Art of Competing. We want you to see how defining and discussing the formula of Mental Toughness will give you an insight of the secrets of mental toughness and how to implement it in your daily routine.


Get Mental Toughness for FREE

No 1: Mastering the little things

  • How do you build trust in yourself?
  • Why consistency is so important?

It's the course that shows you how to build trust in yourself.


£29.00 GBP / $39.00 USD

More about Trusting yourself and setting goals

No 2: Vision and Purpose

  • How do you overcome challenges to goal achievement?
  • What is your ideal definition of success, and how can you achieve success?

It's the Course that helps you build a vision and purpose for the future

£49.00 GBP / $69.00 USD

More about your vision for the future

No 3: The Art of Competing Part 1

  • How can you train my mind to overcome fear?
  • How do you let go of fear and anxiety?
  • What is Locker Room Power?

It's the course that shows you the essence of competing.

£89.00 GBP  / $119.00 USD

More about overcoming fear and doubts

No 3: The Art of Competing Part 2

  • How can I calm my anxiety?

It's the course, Part 2 where you discover how it feels in the face of fierce competition and how to deal with how the body and mind reacts when pushing yourself to the limit.


£89.00 GBP / $119.00 USD

More about your fear in Competition

No 4: The Communication Map

  • How do I communicate better

  • However, effective communication is less about talking and more about listening.

It's the course where you learn communication with yourself and others.


£39.00 GBP / $55.00 USD

More about Communication with yourself and others

No 5: Change Management

  • What is change management?

  • What are the principles of change management?

It's the course helps you alleviate huge amounts of anxiety and stress when you take change in your stride. 


£49.00 GBP / $69.00 USD

More about dealing with anxiety in dealing with Change

No 6: Power of Awareness Part 1

  • How do you know if you are an introvert?
  • How can Labelling affect a person?
  • How do you move on from being rejected?

It's the course that helps you understand yourself.

£79.00 GBP / $99.00 USD

More about Introversion and rejection

No 6: Power of Awareness Part 2

  • Why do you compare myself, and why is it bad?
  • How to stop feeling Inadequate
  • Why do people judge others?

It's the course that helps transform your thoughts of inadequacy, to being comfortable in your own skin.

£79.00 GBP / $99.00 USD

More about inadequacy and comparison

No 7: Positive Conflict

  • What is the full meaning of conflict? 

  • What are the five conflict management strategies?

It's the course that helps you deal with conflict to no longer fear conflict, and success will become far easier to achieve

£69.00 GBP / $119.00 USD

More about turning conflict into a Positive

No 8: Building a legacy

  • What does it mean to build a legacy? 
  • How do you start a legacy? 
  • What creates a person's legacy?

It's the course that helps you create your own legacy that is meaningful and that you can be proud of.

£29.00 GBP / $39.00 USD

More about Building a legacy

The Mindset College Collection

  • To get a better Mindset to improve your performance as an Athlete!

  • This is a combination of all the Mindset College Courses together to give you a full, comprehensive overview of all the tools and techniques in one basket

£569.00 GBP / $789 USD

More about the Mindset College Collection

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