One wrong assumption can ruin your day!

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A colleague seems upset. Your interaction with her is awkward because she is distracted. 


“Are you ok”

 “I’m fine”


 “ I said I’m okay so let’s just get on with it“


You know things aren’t right but you decide it’s best to not probe further.


 Up to now all is good but…


Suddenly you make the leap and think “I wonder what I have done to upset her?”


Energy starts to flow into speculation and wracking your brain on all that could be a reason for her to be upset with you.


One assumption that possibly you could be the reason for her upset preoccupies the rest of your day.


Rather than spend the energy on something that may or may not be true why not name it and ask her to clarify.


“Hey Betty I know you are not quite yourself today and for my own peace of mind I need to know that it is not something I have done to cause you upset?” 


If she answers "NO" - without further information -> trust her and, let it go. 


It is her responsibility and choice whether she chooses to share more with you or not. If she is not brave enough to be honest with you then again it is on her.


The key message is, examine your facts and make sure that they are not based on an assumption.


Have you ever tortured yourself, tossing and turning at night worried about an assumption that you have upset someone? 


Our energy and focus is a gift that you must protect as much as possible rather than wasting it examining myths made up in your own head. 


Even if your assumption is correct, could their upset be based on a false assumption that they have made?


Feuds born on a house of cards!




Make a decision to stop assuming!


Stop energy and focus going out the door distracting you from life in the moment.


Written by David Sammel

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