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beware how you care

Beware how you care?

Apr 02, 2021
I coached a player who worked hard and really cared about his tennis.
Early on in our relationship he lost a particularly painful match.
The Next day he was moping, disappointed with a little energy and practising poorly.
I said to him “you really care about your tennis and losing affects you a lot”
“How long does it take you to recover from losses?”
“Depends a day or two”
“Really that is very interesting. I think you don’t care enough about your tennis. “
Angry - “What do you mean? “
“Well as I see it you waste about 30 days a year moping and feeling sorry for yourself. Equally you destroy momentum, confidence gained and I certainly won’t allow you to waste my time on days after losses”
“The problem is you want the world to know how much you care and in doing so you must consider that other players who care less are out there practising with full energy and intent to get better. 
They are not wasting time. Their care is a motivation to get up every day and give their best to get better.”
Beware how you care! 
Mental toughness and resilience are shown by your actions day in and day out.
He learnt his lesson well and went on to represent his country in Davis Cup, the Olympics, played several Wimbledon‘s and other major tournaments. 
Written by David Sammel

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