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Think in opposites

#mental_toughness #mindset_tools #mindsetcollege #opposites Apr 30, 2021

Today is an exercise to think in opposites:

  • I thrive under pressure
  • Chaos makes me calm (teach your mind to step back from chaos and see it as a chance to have an edge over opponents, rather than allowing yourself to panic - consider that your opponent most likely will panic before you. Hang in an extra five minutes and see what happens. 
  • Constant growth is always the goal (keep working to get mentally better)
  • Take nothing for granted (no matter how well I'm doing I will always prepare the same way, believe in and respect my processes)
  • I want to be the type of person who thrives in environments where few others thrive (I believe I can hang in and take the physical pain and mental pressure when most crumble. I mentally push myself to hang in longer than my opponents. 
  • I want the pressure and challenge of performing as a favourite because it makes it more difficult for everyone else if I'm the one to beat! 

One thing you need to figure out going forward, and I don’t mean thinking about it for a week and asking others what they think. I mean immediately, instinctively hearing that voice inside that says “you know the way - you know what you have to do” - and then do it. 

You have to be willing to fail if you’re going to learn to trust yourself to act from the gut. This is the confidence that allows you to take risks and to know whatever happens you will figure it out. 

When faced with the stress of a great challenge - remember: gifts are buried under the pressure. 

Not everyone gets the opportunity to be stressed by the potential to achieve exceptional things. 

It is a privilege to be in a position to do something positive with your life. 

Written by David Sammel


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